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Core Plug Puller


A simple tool that easily removes the wood cores from the ends of paper rolls. The Blue Lightning Core Plug Puller is easy to use. Merely insert the puller into the core, turn your hand, and pull. The core plug is removed in one piece with no damage. 


It’s quick! It’s simple! And most important, it’s safe!

  • No more digging them out with a screwdriver!


  • No more poking them out with a rod!


  • No more injured fingers!

The Blue Lightning Core Plug Puller is made from solid steel, and the “T” handle is rubber coated for a safe and comfortable grip. It’s designed for use with any wood or synthetic core plug.   

Made in the U.S.A.

for 3-4" end caps with 1" ID hole

for 6"+ end caps with 3"ID hole

$145.00 ea.

$225.00 ea.




All prices subject to change without notice.


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